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Plugins for Final Cut Pro by Jorgen Escher.

The title of this page is plural, but there is in fact only one plugin on this page. Well… for now that is!

  • DSLR Moire Filter,  v.1.01 of feb 16 2011

    • General
      • This FCP plugin battles the disturbing problem of micro-moire. Micro-moire manifests itself as red/blue color streaks and pixels that appear in natural and irregular patterns, such as hair, water and grass. Micro-moire is seldom visible on the camera’s LCD display and sometimes not even on a 7″ external monitor. Many a good shot has been spoiled. Get them off the shelf and run them through this new filter! – see remarks and this very short demo video on youtube that Martin from Marvels has put together in a hurry 😉
      • If you want to read more about the moire artifact and why it can feature in your last movie, read these articles:
    • Installation
      • Download the ZIP archive from the link below. This will present you with a plugin file and a README file (read it!).
      • Copy the plugin file “Marvels DSLR Moire Filter” to the folder/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Support/pluginson your root Macintosh HD volume. Restart FCP if it was already running. You’ll now find the Moire filter in the effects group “Marvels DSLR”.
    • Usage
      • Double click on a clip on the timeline, go to filters->Marvels DSLR and select DSLR Moire Filter. If you want to fine-tune the filter, you can open the Filter tab of the selected clip and adjust two parameters:
        • Chroma Blur -> move slider until moire disappears
        • Overall softening (standard off) to soften the whole image
        • Softening amount to set the amount of overall softening
    • Remarks
      • This plugin does NOT work with AVCHD footage. This will need to be converted to e.g. ProRes or H.264 before usage.
      • This plugin is targeted towards filtering micro-moire issues (red/blue color streaks and pixels that appear in natural and irregular patterns, such as hair, water and grass).  This filter is less effective in removing moire appearing in regular and/or artificial patterns such as brick walls. For the latter, another way of shooting or using a soft filter usually solves the problem.
      • This filter CAN remove almost 100% of micro-moire from irregular structures (e.g. strands of hair) with just using the standard settings. In some cases, depending on the footage and chroma blur amount, a slight desaturation of the red channel can occur. This can simply be amended by using the standard FCP Color corrector filter. Canon 5DMK2 owners that have a camera that came with a bit reddish factory settings (like mine) will even welcome a slight shift to the green… 😉
      • This is NOT a blur filter. It will not soften your image. It transforms the colorspace to YCbCr and breaks it up into components, further only affecting the “CB and CR” channels.
    • Download

If you like the free “Marvels” profiles and plugins, you can make a small donation via PayPal by clicking the button below. This is voluntary and much appreciated ;-)  Donations will be spent annually (usually around Christmas) as a donation to a good cause. On december 23th 2011, the amount of 414 Euros was donated by Marvels Film to Save The Children, via eBay MissionFish. Thanks for your donations!

Donate 10 dollars!


  1. […] You can download the plug in for free here…but show your appreciation to Jorgen and donate $10! Go on! […]

  2. raitank says:

    Thank you, JORGEN. Your plug-in is a savior! With very much appreciation, I’ve donated $10. Keep up with the good work!

  3. Fantastic, very helpful plugin! I donated…thanks so much for this great addition to my toolkit!

  4. It would be good if there would also be a cine style for black&white.

  5. Thanks mate. Nice work!

  6. kahleem says:

    No ppro cs5 love?

  7. do you have a chance to make it for Sony Vegas Pro 10c??? any way I love your work. Very nice, but I’m not a FCP user

  8. J.S. Lawrence says:

    Hey Jorgen, how hard would it be for you to make this same plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 users? Another thing I was thinking, is there a way to create a platform in which you can actually trick the cameras colors, and or choose your color grading. For instance Magic Bullet offers you presets of designed colors. What if you were to film a scene with a RED camera, and then that same scene with a DSLR. Now you have professional RED footage that has been color graded for a CINEMA FILM LOOK, and you have your original DSLR footage. Would there be a way to trick your colors from the DSLR into registering the same colors of the Cinematic Graded RED footage? I’m filming a feature in June, and I’m trying my best to get a REAL CINEMA film look.

    • jorgescher says:

      Well Joshua, here you’re touching an interesting and much debated subject…

      Martin Beek at Marvels Film has written an article on this subject on his weblog today, so over to Martin!

      Hoping that answers your questions,

      kind regards,

      Jorgen Escher

  9. PifPaf says:

    Great plugin! But it would be great if it could be on Adobe CS5 too..

  10. Good work, I made a donation, it’s normal. Thank you

  11. […] Tento plug-in filter je zadarmo, ale ak uznáte za vhodné môžete urobiť donáciu. Viac informácii najdete tu. […]

  12. riccardo says:

    hi jorgescher,
    your plugin seems really cool, but as many others I don’t use mac, so I’d like to understand what you have done to get rid of moirè.
    I tried to fix it with node-based compositor in Blender (it has compositor powerful filters with ability of working on separate channels (RGB or HSV or YCbCr) with 10 bit color precision), but with non-satisfactoy results (I removed moirè but lost too much definition and colors.
    Maybe if you are so kind of giving hints on how to manipulate the clip I can try to get similar results outside of a FCP environment.

  13. Hi Jorgen
    This is a great start man, congratulations. If I had 100% free time and devotion to plugin making, I wold work with you on this one! Here are some personal remarks about it that might open a path for discussion and further development.

    About the chroma filter
    I would program it with a median or smart blur filter instead of a standard blur filter, that way we would avoid spilling color all over the place and it would stick to the original shape better. Those red/blue streaks are very typical of Canon DSLRs. We could have a detection algorithm in order to affect those areas only. The blur filter could be mapped to the luminance channel as well.

    About the luma filter
    Since the aliasing artifacts affect mainly shallow diagonals, it would be nice to have a detection algorithm that would pinpoint luminance diagonals from 0º to 45º and work on those pixels specifically with a median or smart blur filter, thus interpolating those pixels, making them smooth. It could have a threshold and feather adjustment for personalized detection like the noise reduction filter from http://www.mattias.nu/plugins/. It would affect shallow diagonals with more strength than the steep ones (close to 45º).
    I guess this way we would get rid of aliasing for good!

    And what about those damn rooftops and brick walls!!!
    Well this a very tricky situation, any suggestion guys?

    Greetings from Portugal

    • jorgescher says:

      Hello Paulo.

      This all makes good sense and it may indeed need a lot of time and devotion to write such a plugin. Further, our hands are bound by what Adobe is offering us by means of the plugin API / SDK. If you do “free style programming” and writing your own functions, the FCP plugin will become very very slow. It’s of no use if the plugin takes hours to render a few minutes clip. I have done such experiments before.
      The anti-moire plugin as it is now is pretty fast with good results. It will always stay a fix; better to shoot without a moire / aliasing producing camera. But for now is suffices.
      Nevertheless… If you have a code example to do median/smart blur on the YUV “V” channel only, to share with me, that’s of course much welcomed. Although i don’t know if it is possible in FCP. Let me know!


  14. Peter Schmidt says:

    Hi Jorgen,

    I’d be interested to know how of a solution for After Effects CS4. Or is there a combination of filters one could use to replicate the same anti-moire result?

  15. Hi Jorgen,

    Looks like a great plugin I’ll be sending my $10 today. Great work!

    Thank you

  16. […] der DSLR Videografie kommt es immer wieder zu unerwünschten Moire Effekten. Hier ein kleines Final Cut Plugin, das euch helfen […]

  17. KA says:

    Hi Jorg,
    great project and nice tool. Many thanks for sharing.

    I hope you can create a Windows Premiere PRO version soon and offer it
    at a affordable price (to boost your business). Some added video effect
    based on your tech might also be a good idea?

    Happy filmmaking.

    All the best,

  18. Thomas says:

    Hello, do you know if this will work on Final Cut Express???

  19. paul says:

    hi jurgen

    having problem opening your plugin, i can see it there on my desk top but the icon for the actual affect is shaded like it can’t be selected. when you double click it opens in final cut but as a file error. i am using an imac i5 so i believe it should unzip it fine but i’ve tried various things, zipeg, stuffit expander but can’t figure it out. thanks for any help,
    keen to try your plugin. cheers, paul

    • jorgescher says:


      That’s weird indeed. Have you read this: Copy the plugin file “Marvels DSLR Moire Filter” to the folder/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Support/pluginson your root Macintosh HD volume.
      Did you do that?


  20. Michael says:

    Please send me your emailadress offlist. I have a personal question. Regards

  21. […] in moire hell, using a DSLR for your video, you absolutely need this plugin for Final Cut Pro—DSLR Moire Filter by Jorgen Escher. Best of all, it’s free. If you want to support Jorgen Escher or […]

  22. Craig says:

    Hi Jorge,

    My FCP doesn’t seem to recognise the plugin, any suggestions why?

  23. Snavel says:

    Hi Jorgen, great new moire plugin but I have an important question.

    Do you also have a plugin for major moire problems like walls and so. I am shooting a solar panel and the lines and reflexions go everywhere… It’s hard to shoot well…. Hope you have or know such a tool…

  24. Charley says:

    I have FCP Studio and cannot find the right path to copy the plugin to. Can’t locate a ‘final cut pro system support’ folder. Thanks for any help.


  25. Charley says:

    ONM. Got it!! looking forward to zapping some moire!! Donation on the way!!

  26. Hans Gmeiner says:

    Dear Jorg,
    I would like to get in touch with you.
    Please mail.

  27. […] apposta per le immagini realizzate con camere DSLR. Recensito anche sul blog di Philip Bloom, il plug-in è disponibile online con una piccola donazione di […]

  28. tin2tin says:

    I noticed that you also code in Avisynth. Is it possible to reproduce your process in Avisynth script?

  29. Aramis Perez says:

    Hey Jorg,

    Nice information you have on the plug-in. It would be even better if I could download it :/ Is the link down or something?

  30. naphta says:

    great plugin!

  31. Ruben says:

    Hello Jorg!
    Will this great peace of software be available for FCPX?

  32. Andry says:

    Using FCP 7 here, I cannot find the FInal CUt Pro systems support to install the programs, am I being blonde?

  33. Quora says:

    What are some ways to make DSLR video look better in post-production?…

    Transcode. I would transcode your video into a nice editable format (Apple ProRes422) before doing anything. This won’t improve your footage. But it will make editing less problematic. Stabilize Footage from DSLRs can be wobbly. These cameras are awkw…

  34. […] DSLR Moire Filter for Final Cut Pro v.1.01 This FCP plugin battles the disturbing problem of micro-moire. Micro-moire manifests itself as red/blue color streaks and pixels that appear in natural and irregular patterns, such as hair, water and grass. Micro-moire is seldom visible on the camera’s LCD display and sometimes not even on a 7? external monitor. Many a good shot has been spoiled. Get them back off the shelf and run them through this new filter! Cameras that are prone to deliver this artifact are the Canon D series DSLR cameras, such as the 5D, 7D, 50D and others. The official page is here: https://colorbyjorg.wordpress.com/plugins/ […]

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