GH2 AviSynth HDMI script updated!

Posted: April 27, 2011 in colorbyjorg
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Wizard Ralph B over at DVXUser has revised the AviSynth script DRAMATICALLY. Please update your GH2 HDMI Recording Script from the original page at:!

If you have downloaded my “quick start” make SURE you update that script!
Martin Beek has also posted a copy of the essential script at

Ralph B and PDR, thanks!


  1. paolo says:

    Hi Everyone,

    exciting things are on the way as I gather… !

    I am having serious issues with GH2, basically I get “trailing” or image doubling when panning at a certain pace in 24p (1080p and 720p). Analysing frame grams you can clearly see there is no blur, which would be normal, but a sort of twiching which is totally unacceptable at any level.

    Camera went to serviving, they found nothing.

    Right now I wrote to Panasonic UK and Japan to clarify this.
    Anyone experiencing the very same issue? If this is it, I am hoping a software hack can fix this.

  2. alex says:

    Hi Jorgen!

    I am in discussion with Jan – the developer of JES Deinterlacer… I have been able to send him PAL footage captured by a Ninja- was wondering if you have a PAL or NTSC GH2? Jan is interested in also looking at some NTSC footage from this Camera- do you know if anyone in the community has access to this? (I suppose that capturing off a BMD Intensity could work as well)- however – I have just read your post regarding green colour issues in the old Ninja firmware? Strange… Please email me…

  3. Johannes Leistner says:

    Dear Jorg!

    Do you think recording through HDMI is going to solve the color banding problems you reported on the 2K DCP test?

    Best wishes,

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