Hello readers. My name is Jorgen Escher, or Jorg for short. I used to work as an optical research engineer at the Fraunhofer institute in Darmstadt, Germany. The Fraunhofer institute institut has invented, developed and patented famous technical innovations such as the MPEG file compression techniques (including MP3 and MP4), the H.264 codec (among others), 3CCD TV cameras, 3D TV, 3D vidiwalls (“HiWall”) and projection systems. The Fraunhofer institut has also a renowned optical research department, where we do collaborated research for – among others – Arriflex and Zeiss. They also do a lot of maths and physics research, because – most of the time – that lies at the centre of many operation.

Due to recession and cuts i became unemployed in 2010 and started my own software development firm; so i am an entrepreneur now! 😉

This blog is my private tech blog and i like to write about my work and hobby (there is a very thin borderline…): everything that has to do with programming, algorithms and fundamentals of (digital) motion picture cameras and -techniques.

The Fraunhofer institute is in no respect related to this blog or to the articles that appear here. I don not publish this blog or articles with any special consent or approval.

I work with the Canon 5D mkII DSLR camera on a daily basis, so most of my posts and developments will have something to do with this camera. I also own two Arriflex 35mm camera’s, an Aaton s-16mm camera, and a lot of lenses and stuff.

NOT THAT I WANT TO BE IDENTIFIED WITH IT’s PAST: but i also own one of the first Arriflex handheld 35mm camera’s that was owned by WWII cinematographer Leni Rieffenstahl and was used to shoot some famous WWII propaganda footage.

I use the Apple Macintosch and Adobe CS4 for editing. I own calibrated monitors, reference cards and HD signal measurement apparatus (waveform, vectorscope) and a lot of other stuff for signal measurement and digital analysis.

I used to own a Sony EX-1 digital HD camera but i was forced to sell it when i was fired in october. Very sad about that… I am now trying to save money for either the upcoming Red Scarlet camera (if it ever sees the light below 10k$) or the new Sony EX camera with the 35mm sensor.

My good pal Dieter Hermann owns a Arri Alexa, so i am fortunate to have access to that camera if i ever want to do tests or measurements. But it makes one greedy… 😉