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Hello GH2 freaks.

I’ve done some tests last month together with Martin Beek over at Marvels Film, and read his latest post yesterday about recording from the GH2 HDMI port, and the problems (and workflow) you are faced with if you want to go that route. It looked pretty complicated at first sight and i imagine it confuses a lot of people, withholding them from buying a Ninja or KiPro recorder for their camera.

I have been tinkering with the installers and other files, and i have constructed a zip archive that contains everything you need (just a few files to install) including a ready-to-use setup including directory-structure and scripts. In fact, it’s nothing more now than just drop the zipfile in a harddisk location of your choice, unpack it, run a few automatic installers. Add footage & run!

The calling script is even multi-file aware, so it can do batch processing.


  • Download and unpack this zip file (78 MB) on your Windows PC. Make life easy for yourself and put it in the root of your C drive.
  • Browse to the directory that has been created “GH2_AviSynth”
  • Browse to the directory “INSTALLERS”
  • Install in this order:
    • AviSynth
    • ffmpeg
    •  ProResDecorderSetup (ignore any warnings)
    • QuickTimeInstaller (ignore any warnings)
    • PC Avid Codec
  • Go back to the GH2_AviSynth directory and browse to the PROCESSING directory
  • Dump a HDMI recorder ProRes .mov file here
  • Double-Click on the demo script (this is the original script from the DVXuser thread) “GH2_CHROMAFIX.avs and Notepad will open the file
  • Edit the name of the video file to match yours
  • Run! Do this by double clicking “process_all.bat”
    • ffMpeg will run in tandem with AviSynth to process your footage and reports any errors along the way (hopefully none)
    • The resulting processed file will be a DNxHD 4:2:2 file in a MOV wrapper, ready to import on both Mac and PC editors such as Premiere and FCP
  • Done!

Note: if you want to output an AVI file (if you edit on Windows), edit the process_all.bat file and remove this part:
-vcodec dnxhd -b 175M or replace it with a reference to another codec, e.g. -vcodec huffyuv

I hope this all makes things a bit easier to understand and easier to work with.


Jorgen Escher.