My DSLR Anti-moire filter adds free lunch for AVCHD users!

Posted: February 21, 2011 in colorbyjorg
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Many people have written to congratulate me on the new anti-moire filter plugin. Thanks everyone for your kind words and donations!
Your recognition and support are very much welcome and appreciated, specially now i am going through difficult times financially 😦

Several people have also written to let me know, that the anti-moire plugin also clears AVCHD compression artifacts and noise from e.g. Panasong GH1 and GH2 footage!
I’ve tried it myself with low-light/underexposed footage supplied by Mary Wiegant, and indeed! Even with a minimal filter Choma Blur setting of 3 to 5, large swarming color patches magically clear up!

Free lunch everyone! Bon apetit!


  1. Hi Jorgen
    I’ve been using different cameras and editing programs..
    All from Hi 8 to my newest beauty.. Canon 550D (T2i).
    But i don’t use MAC or FC..
    I wounder if you have someting for me..
    i guess there is many out here that not are using mac.. or want to use it..
    I do today my editing on Premier Elements 9..
    It is cheap.. not fully developed.. many other cheaper programs can give me more..
    but by time i upgrade to CS5..
    Do you have something that can help me.. I’m new to this kind of camera and footage..
    but i really want to learn and develop my knowledge..

    Anyway.. thanks for your help.. to the ones that can use the plug-in today.. 🙂

    • jorgescher says:

      Hello Jonny.

      At the time i made this plugin (mainly during the night, running on cheap pizza) i did not realize that there are other people on this world than Mac and FCP users.
      Problem is that i only own a mac with FCP. I still have no clue how to make plugins for other systems.
      So i have to disappoint you.


      • alan says:

        Hi Jorgen,

        i have the opposite .. i own a pc and don’t have the access to mac/fcp
        i was wondering if you could send me your source code for this, or maybe
        explain the algorithm .. i could rewrite it to pixelbender plugin that could run on ae.

  2. alan says:

    i’ve pushed enter to quick 🙂

    just wanted to say You did a great job!

    all the best

  3. David Bogard says:

    How do I get a copy of this plug in?

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