Now available: my DSLR anti-moire filter for FCP! Free download!

Posted: February 17, 2011 in colorbyjorg
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I have been woken up by a text message from a desperate Martin Beek (@ Marvels Film), at around half past one in the morning a few days ago. His message was, that all of his testfootage shot in Belgium and Italy had been turned down by his customer because ALL the shots had micro-moire patterns in the hair of people. He was even thinking about selling all his DSLR equipment and giving it all up.

I’ve written such a filter before, as a part of a digital imaging system for testing c-mount lenses, to reduce chromatic abberiation. I’ve now revamped this methodology into a FCP plugin called the “Marvels DSLR Moire Filter”, as a tribute to Martin, who is now in seventh heaven for all day now and as happy as a monkey with seven tails.

I don’t want to bother you with the technical details and point you to my Plugins page (see top menu) to read more (and download) this little gem that i’m pretty pleased with myself.

The plugin is not specifically designed to work with the Canon cameras, but with any other DSLR video camera that uses the line skipping algorithm to reach it’s HD resolution. As far as i know, that’s all of them except for the Panasonic Lumix GH series.

To cut a long story short… If…

  • your footage is spoiled by red/blue streaks ad pixels in natural patterns and materials such as hair, grass, leaves and water…
  • putting a soft filter on the lens did not help…
  • you were not aware of it during shooting (not visible on LCD)…
  • you are using a lens that is much too sharp…
  • grass, leaves, gravel, sand or turf is swarmed with red and yellow worms (could be LSD though) …
  • you’re ready to smash your DSLR camera into the next tree…

Then this plugin is something you’ll love!

Well?! What are you waiting for! It’s almost free… (if you consider the semi-obligatory donation of US$10 if you REALY like it)

PLEASE READ THE REMARKS SECTION ON THE PLUGIN PAGE ! This plugin is not specifically designed to battle aliasing problems and the resulting moire from regular patterns such as brick walls. I don’t say it won’t work, but there are other and maybe easier and better ways to prevent “roof and wall” moire.

Martin has helped writing this article and by the look of it he was in a good mood… 😉


  1. […] news…a very clever German fella by the name of Jorgen Escher has in the space of just 48 written a final cut plug in that deals with the horrible micro moire […]

    • Yhaz says:

      I’ve just downloaded this plugin (thanks for your generosity) but it doesn’t work at all in my footage. Any suggestions to take off this horrible moire?


      • Yhaz says:

        It’s more like an aliasing problem, like a “rainbow” effect… no way to take it off! I’m desperate…

  2. Carlos says:

    Good day!!!…with plenty of sunshine in Holland.
    downloading and provide quick…
    Thanks Jorgen.

  3. Michail says:

    Cool! What about Adobe Premier?

    • jorgescher says:

      Kahleem and Michail.

      I’m sorry, but the FCP and PPro effects are much different and i have never worked with PPro before, it’s alien territory to me.

      It may take some time, but i’ll get in touch with a friend that works with PPro a lot; maybe i can get a crash course… Can’t promis anything though on a short term.

      Kind regards,


      • w022a says:

        I’ll second that. This would be an extremely useful filter for us Premiere Pro / After Effects CS5 users. I’d happily pay / donate $50 to have this. Please let us know if you ever can make it happen.

        Great work!

      • Totally second that. I would instantly pay for a solution that works…

        If you can get a fix for Adobe CS5 (both PC and Mac) you can easily sell such a plugin… Moire is such a deal-breaker with the DSLRs due to the line-skipping technology that Canon uses to go from Full Sensor to FullHD.

  4. This is awesome! Do you think it would be possible to create one of these plug-ins for Apple Color as well? I would love to be able to incorporate this into my color correction process within that application.

  5. […] caught this over at Philip Bloom and found it pretty interesting. Jorgen Escher created an FCP plug in that deals with moire problems that seem to run so rampant (especially in […]

  6. Michail says:

    We (the users of adobe), look forward to!
    Thank you for your work.

  7. Hampus says:

    Awesome work dude! This is legendary. Too bad I’ve pretty much abandoned FCP since CS5 came. I do most of my onlining in After Effects and would love a version for AE. Donated! Thanks again 🙂

  8. […] horizontal lines and patterns that reveal the ugly, line-skipping truth about our DSLRs. But now Jorgen Escher has released a Final Cut Pro plugin that can defeat some of these problems. While you […]

  9. […] Плагин абсолютно бесплатен и может быть скачан или со страницы Джорджена или по этой прямой […]

  10. Nice, will look forward to giving it a trial.

  11. […] Jorgen Escher has written a FCP plug-in that will reduce the micro-moire found in some HDSLR footage. This will not solve all moiré problems, but may help you clean things up a bit. The video demo has no sound and is quite short. Here is a rip from his site. […]

  12. Thanks for this, I will give it a try. I am so annoyed with the moire spoiling water and grass scenes. I have been many times been in a situation – perfect water ripple captured, and then at home, oh no, it has some rainbow colors.

    Could you by the way explain the algorithm you use on this? Could be interesting add on also on open source side on e.g. fixing Blender image sequences. I have tried to use Blender for some green screen stuff and these rainbows actually suck on the edges of the subject against the green screen. Blender uses simple png sequences and manipulating the content is pretty straightforward frame by frame. The PNG sequence is RGBA, is this filtering easy on that basis?

  13. carlos says:

    I have Pinnacale studio 14 do you have a plugin for Pinnacale also?

  14. ariel says:

    how can i download?

  15. Dorus says:

    This sounds like a very welcome plugin. Jorgen can you give us some insights what you made this plugin do? So we can replicate the process in other (non apple) applications? Maybe write a post about how it works? I would love to read what you did to fix this moire isue!
    Thank you!

    • jorgescher says:


      I can exactly tell you what this plugin does. It blurs the chroma channels of the YCbCr signal (YUV219). If you would call this (wrongly) Y’UV, this would mean blurring the UV part of the signal.
      Blur the Cr channel somewhat heavier than the Cb channel while trying to avoid a shift to green – so not to disturb the whitepoint too much. There is some math involved that you can read about here:


  16. dk says:


    It looks interesting. Maybe you could release your filter code and people could integrate it into other software packages.

  17. Ignacio says:

    Hi Jorgen
    Recently download and donate. Great work. Keep going, I love your talent especially the last Marvels, amazing stuff, I would like to suggest the B/W picture profile as other person did in the post. I suggest a Manhattan/GordonWillis style or even better, try to emulate the silent film stock. Thanks

    • jorgescher says:

      I will surely bare that in mind and will try to do so a.s.a.p!
      Thanks for your donation; i really appreciate it!

      Kind regards,


  18. Joe Rodriguez says:

    I’m guessing I need to create a mask so I don’t affect the overall footage? How do I do that in FCP?

  19. Joe Rodriguez says:

    Sorry, also want to add, is a mask the best way to go? I’m guessing any color correction on the overall footage would bring back the moire?

    • jorgescher says:


      No, it will probably not do that, but masking is a very good idea. This limits the color shifting and other processing – the less the better!
      It’s more work to matte it out, but the best way to go.


  20. Meierhans says:

    Is there any chances to get this plugin for After Effects CS5 (Windows / Mac)?

  21. After Effects users can achieve a similar moire reduction by adding the following effects to a clip (in this order top-bottom)……

    Effects>Channel>Channel Combiner – select RGB to YUV
    Effects>Blur & Sharpen>Channel Blur
    Effects>Channel>Channel Combiner – select YUV to RGB

    just play with the R, G and B blurriness amounts in the Channel Blur effect.

    It works by separating the luminance and colour data, blurring only the colour data, then re-combining them.

    The human eye is less sensitive to colour than luminance so you can get away with some blurring of the data.


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