New Flat picture profile for Canon video DSLR cameras

Posted: January 19, 2011 in colorbyjorg
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Update: quick link to PP: here (zip file).

I have developed a new type of flat picture profile for the Canon “d” series video DSLR cameras. This profile has been devised and tested using the Canon 5DmkII, a MacBeth colour card, two different calibrated light sources (3200k & 5600k soft floods), Adobe Color, Adobe Photoshop  and a few software tools i have developed myself. This picture profile uses 10 S-curve node points and mathematically wraps correctly around the existing build-in Standard Profile S-Curve.

Goals were striving for correct colorimetric reproduction (no weird chroma artifacts), no gaps or bumps in the resulting curve, linear behaviour in the skin-color-exposure range and a few more points that are described in more detail by Martin Beek on his weblog There you can download the picture profile and read about it’s uses for video shooters (i’m a colorist and mathematician, not a film maker…).

Go have a look and use it for free in your camera –  happy shooting!


  1. Chris Walton says:

    Hey Jorg,

    Thanks very much for posting your profiles. Sharing your work will be helpful to a lot of people.

    I have tried to do something similar with a 2Ti, described here My goal was to deal with the rather poor color rendering of the camera which I think this process nicely achieves.

    Contrast was something I did not fiddle with beyond the basic slider as I found it created too much posterization. I have tried your profile with my 2Ti but saw quite a bit of posterization in the shadows. I think this has to do with differences in the cameras as the 2Ti has less dynamic range than the 5D. I was hoping we might be able to cooperate on a 2Ti specific profile. Please let me know if you are interested and we can talk about how best to proceed.

    Many thanks,


    • jorgescher says:

      Hello Chris.

      Posterization is an artifact of the H.264 compression and – indeed – the somewhat lesser dynamic range. But the compression artifacts become more prominent when using a flat profile, but gives you the great chance to crush them in post by lowering the blacks and gamma to the looks you require; the compression artifacts will disappear again.

      I will contact a friend of mine who owns a 2Ti and ask him to do a side by side comparison.
      I’ll get back to you and feel free to remind me in a week or so!


  2. Carlos says:

    Mil gracias Jorge, estoy con muchas ganas de probarlo, este tiene que ser el bueno. Pregunta:, con este v33 que trato es mas indicado con tomas alto/bajo contraste?


    • jorgescher says:

      Muchas gracias Carlos

      Personalmente, creo que este es el perfil más flexible, tanto para imágenes de alto contraste y baja contraste.
      Ponga en contraste -4 para situaciones contrastadas, y poner el contraste de -1 o 0 para las situaciones de bajo contraste.

      No se deje impresionar por mi español, traduzco con Google! 😉

      Gracias y saludos,


  3. Carlos says:

    Hola, gracias Jorge por la respuesta, tu Español es perfecto je je… no te preocupes, solo te estoy poniendo a prueba, como en tu perfil dices dominar el Español. También yo tiro de Google, ayuda, estando en Holanda.


  4. Chris Walton says:

    Hey Jorg,

    I have been using your profile for the last few weeks. Great stuff! I can see much smoother transitions in the highlights. Did you have any luck with your friend’s 2Ti? Please let me know if you would like some test frames.


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